Sunday, 29 June 2014

How Long Should I Cook Pasta For?

When Cooking Pasta make sure the water is boiling, so the bubbles are appearing.

From here I insert my pasta for around 12 minutes. Make sure you don't under cook or over cook pasta as it can totally ruin the end outcome. Eating over cooked pasta can be difficult and it often leaves a dry sensation.

- Make sure you stir the pasta every few minutes to ensure it doesn't stay together and stay down the bottom.

How Long Should You Cook & Bake Chicken Thighs For?

When I bake chicken thighs in the oven i usually cook these on 200 degrees Celsius for between 40 minutes and one hour. Remember with chicken, the rule is to never under cook this food as it can make you sick.

Some of the extra ingredients I like to chicken thighs:

- Garlic added inside the chicken thigh.
- Butter.
- Red capsicums which I put in with 5-10 minutes to go.